Mainland company
incorporation in the UAE

Open up the full range of opportunities for your business with full recognition from
banks, trading partners and regulatory authorities not only in the UAE but all over the
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Since a Mainland Company is officially registered in the Emirates, it has unique opportunities to operate throughout the country and worldwide with almost no limits. Locally established entity provides ample opportunities for conducting various business operations in the UAE. This type of entity is perfect for entrepreneurs and investors who wish to maintain a long-term presence in the UAE.

Unique features of a UAE Mainland Company

Mainland Companies (officially registered in the UAE itself instead of in Free Zones) enjoy significant government support.
They are also a perfect way of doing business both in internal and global markets. This form of entity is determined by law
and has no equivalent in other countries.
Legal forms of the
Depending on the business activities that
will be carried out, all Mainland Companies
can be divided into commercial, industrial
and professional businesses.

The law sets out specific requirements for
each type of business activity.
A local
A local partner is required in order to register
an industrial or commercial type of Mainland
Company, holding at least 51% of the shares.
Waiver of its rights is registered in the court.

With nominee representation, it carries no
risks for a foreign businessman.
A local
Under Article 15b, Law №13, NON-UAE
Nationals are only permitted to conduct
professional activities in case they have
appointed a UAE Local Service Agent (LSA)

This LSA does not assume civil or financial
liabilities in relation to the company
UAE legislation requires the company to have
a physical office or some other commercial
premises licensed under Ejari / Estidama

It should be renewable and held under a lease
of at least one year.
A license is required in order to operate any
legal business in the United Arab Emirates.
This license is the primary authorization
document for a company.

It is valid for one year and renewed annually
with obligation to pay renewal fees.
of a company
A company can have up to five General
Managers. Their rights and powers within
the company are determined and specified
in the memorandum of association (MoA).

The owner may appoint different managers
for separate business operations.

SORP expert solutions for starting a Mainland
Company in the UAE

Prepare your business

We will find the best solution for
what you want to achieve, the most
suitable license and type of entity.

your business

We cooperate closely with the
registration authorities and so
we can deliver services quickly.

Your local partner
or agent

Nominee services from SORP
Investment LLC with a waiver
of rights in the Dubai court.

legal address

SORP Business Centre provides
the opportunity to rent an office
under Ejari / Estidama license,
rent flexi-desks or get an E-office.

Opening of
bank accounts

We know the compliance process
of UAE banks and work with them
closely, and so we provide capable
professional help in passing KYC.

Public Relations
Officers (PRO)

With PRO our clients get 24/7
support and representation of their
interests with governmental bodies,
for immigration and in MOHRE.
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Business activities that require incorporation of
a Mainland Company

Building cosntruction, installation works,
All types of manufacturing, including heavy
and light industries
Sale of any imported goods. wholesale and
retail, export and re-export
Medical care, supply of equipment, and
commerce in medical products
Insurance, leasing, investment, financial
institutions, banks
Schools, training centers, private schools and
Real estate
Real estate development companies, real
estate agencies, maintenance services
Mass media
Printing house, media distribution,
Sports and entertainment
Event management in sports, exhibitions and
other events
Transportation and logistics
Transportation, logistics services, transport
rental, storage and handling of goods
Travel agencies, contractors, business trips,
tour desks and tour programmes
Hotels and guest houses. Long-term and daily
rent of apartments and country houses
Catering business
Restaurants, bars, cafes,
coffee shops, and other hospitality businesses
IT, cybersecurity, additive technologies,
bioengineering, IoT, renewable energy
Beauty industry
Personal care products, hygiene, hairdressing
salons, spas, massage parlors

Setting up a Mainland Company provides unique
business opportunities

Owning a Mainland Company allows to take full advantage of provisions in UAE legislation that are very favorable to business. For example, advantages when operating in the domestic market and across the 6 countries of the GCC zone, or when doing business internationally under the ‘UAE Flag of Convenience’. Equally importantly, banks and financial providers do not apply any special terms and conditions on Mainland Companies and treat them just like any other company from the United Arab Emirates.
Opportunity to bid on tenders
A Mainland (local) Company is a trusted
legal entity in the eyes of governmental
bodies and commercial institutions. As
well as it provides the opportunities to
participate in local or global tenders.
Obtain tax residency
All Mainland Companies owners
can apply for UAE tax resident status
and be shielded from personal data
exchange requirements under the
Common Report Standard (CRS).
Protect assets and property
Only Mainland Companies have the
right to acquire and re-register assets
in the UAE and globally for the purpose
of concealing the identity and other
information about the owners.
Form holding companies and
other business structures
A Mainland Company is a unique
tool for minimizing your tax burden,
consolidating business and assets,
optimizing cash flows within entities
and structures under its control.
Keep personal and financial data
Information about beneficiaries,
shareholders and signatories of
a company is hidden. Company
owners get full protection from
automatic tax exchange.
Optimize cash flows and
The settlement center provides for
efficient allocation of international
business operations without taxes. You
can also make payments on behalf of
third parties and offset mutual claims.
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Integrated solutions from SORP for setting up
your business in the UAE

Evaluate your
business idea
We will conduct an analysis of your
business idea and suggest the
most suitable licensing to allow
you to operate successfully both in
the UAE and international markets.
business analysis
We will conduct market research,
identify potential competitors and
also review relevant legislation. We
will source and suggest facilities
suitable for your business.
SORP has strong relations with
all governmental bodies involved in
registration and licensing. We will
support you at each step of getting
your business up and running.
PRO - support
for your business
We act on your behalf with UAE
government agencies for issuing
resident visas to partners, staff and
their families, and obtaining all
licenses, registrations and permits.
Outsourced business
It makes sense to use SORP’s
expert professional administrative,
recruiting, accounting and tax
competencies, saving the cost of
employing highly paid personnel.
SORP Group’s corporate lawyers,
and our strategic partnerships with
the best lawyers in the UAE and
around the world, provide superb
legal support for your business.
Tax residency
Enjoy tax resident (domicile)
status shielding you from CRS
requirements for sharing tax
details and preventing double
tax planning
We design optimized tax solutions
for international business within
the full scope of UAE legislation,
drawing on our wide experience
in this field.
Confirmation of
Economic Substance
We help fulfil proof of economic
substance based on the registered
location of your company, its
localized decision making and
management, and tax compliance.

SORP is a company with a long history of strong
partnerships in the UAE

What makes us unique:
Every SORP Group team member has wide experience in helping businesses from a great many countries. Close and efficient partnership with the UAE government enables us do our job quickly and professionally.

15 years of successful work

We have helped thousands of clients register companies in Dubai, as well as build and develop businesses in the UAE

Banking support

Assistance in choosing a bank that is suitable for your purposes, support with bank accounts opening and passing KYC procedures (know your customer).

Complex of all services

SORP offers comprehensive support for companies registered in Dubai and their shareholders: from licensing, maintaining Bank accounts to obtaining the status of a tax resident of the country

Individual approach

Your requirements are unique. That is why we treat every business individually to tailor the right services to achieve your priorities. From registering a company in Dubai till providing outsourcing services to support and maintain your business in the UAE
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